New or used, 0 miles or 50,000 miles, the Genesis G90 is a full-size luxury sedan that everyone should be able to experience in their lifetime. From the first look of this vehicle, it exudes brilliance and refinery with its diamond-inspired front grille and smooth exterior design. There’s nothing bulky, clunky, or strange about this vehicle; it represents luxury at its finest. Now, you can have that experience for yourself by getting our pre-owned Genesis G90.

Everyone Will Be Watching

Luxury vehicles haven’t always been for everyone, but they are now, specifically the used Genesis G90. Atlanta, GA is one of the best places to get one, too, because you’ll be turning heads all over the big city. Be the envy on every new block you drive with the customization options, smart safety features, and sheer style.

The new G90 for sale doesn’t exactly do trim options like many cars, but it has several amazing configurations in terms of power to choose from.

Deluxe Power

When you buy a used Genesis G90 for sale, you can configure it according to how you want to drive. Do you want AWD or RWD? No matter which drivetrain you decide on, you’ll get your option of a 3.3T Premium engine or a 5.0 engine. If you opt for the 3.3T, you’ll get 365 horsepower. Go with the 5.0 on the Ultimate package, and you’ll get a blazing 420 horsepower.

Genesis G90 Colors and Features

What color do you want people to see when they’re craning their necks to get a second look? Choose from seven seductive options: Uyuni White, Vik Black, Savile Silver, Himalayan Gray, Adriatic Blue, Porto Red, and Gold Coast Silver. The interior color can be either Black & Walnut or Black & Beige. Who knew even the names of the colors could sound so extravagant?

Upgrade your already-upgraded drive with the Ultimate package. Not only will you get the aforementioned upgraded engine and increased horsepower, but you get extra interior features along with it. This package offers you a rear-seat entertainment system with dual 10.3″ HD screens, a 14-way power right rear seat & 12-way power left rear seat, ventilated rear seats, an Integrated Memory System, and more.

Every drive is made a little more comfortable with standard features like automatic dual-zone & rear climate control, a heated steering wheel, a 12.3″ infotainment touchscreen, ambient lighting options, leather dash & door trims, and driver seat memory. Your drive is made perpetually safer by the myriad standard safety systems in the used Genesis G90 for sale. Check out just a few of the safety options below:

  • Rear Cross-Traffic Alert
  • Stability Control
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors
  • Blind Sport Camera & Information System with Active Warning

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Genesis G90 discontinued?

The luxurious Genesis G90 sedan has not been discontinued, but the powerful V8 engine has been. This large SUV no longer offers the 5.0-liter engine and instead introduces a 3.5-liter V6 Twin Turbo engine. This engine is still capable of powerful performance with 376 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque. Combine it with the eight-speed automatic transmission and confidently take control behind the wheel.

Does the Genesis G90 require premium gas?

If achieving maximum performance in your Genesis vehicle is a priority, you will want to use premium gasoline. Gasoline with an octane level of 91 or higher is recommended for the best performance out of your new vehicle’s engine. Using lesser fuels may lead to subpar performance or even engine damage in the long run. Achieve the great capability of this powerful and luxurious sedan with premium fuel.

Does the Genesis G90 have massage seats?

After a long day, you will want to settle into your new Genesis sedan and drive with sophistication all around. The Genesis G90 takes comfort seriously and offers available front and rear massage seats. Lean back in the reclining seats and choose one of the four massage modes. Enjoy the high-end comfort and cushioned seating throughout the cabin of this luxurious new car.

Atlanta: The Home of Luxury

In addition to our amazing used G90, you can also get a great used Genesis G80 for sale from us. The used Genesis G90 for sale packs a massive punch, and not just because of its stunning power options. It has set the automotive bar almost impossibly high for other luxury vehicles with its looks and features. When you buy used from us, you know that you’re getting every bit of the luxury that is present when each G90 rolls off the assembly line.

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