Welcome to your premier Genesis Tire Center!  We are a proud component of the Genesis of Atlanta Auto Service Center. If you need new genesis tires, we are the place to be. Our service technicians are here to help you find the right tires to keep your Genesis running like new for many miles. We provide tire rotation, tire changes, tire alignments, and of course, a wide variety of Genesis tires for sale.

We know that it can get confusing when it comes to the intricate parts and details of your vehicle. But, the team at Genesis of Atlanta is highly-trained to know precisely what your Genesis vehicle needs. So, why exactly are tires so essential? Without tire maintenance, your car can quickly lose traction, which increases the likelihood of losing control of your vehicle. In fact, we tested and proved that it could take up to 10 additional car lengths to stop your vehicle if you are driving on worn tires. That's why we are here to thoroughly check your tires to keep you out of trouble. In the case that your car needs new Genesis tires, we often have great coupons and specials on our Genesis tires for sale - so you won't need to break the bank to keep your car safe!

How Do I Know if My Genesis Needs New Tires?

It is imperative to have a good set of tires on your Genesis vehicle if you want the car to continue to run smoothly. Here are some things to look out for to indicate that it may be time to schedule service with us:

  • Age. Driving on old tires is a huge safety risk. Even if you don't drive a lot, the quality does degrade over time. We estimate that most tires are not meant to last more than six years. If it's been around that time, definitely come see us.
  • Damage. When was the last time you took a good look at your tires? We know it's nice to stare at the beautiful exterior of your Genesis vehicle, but it's also important to check on your tires every once in a while. Do they have bulging, scalloping, or excessive wear? If they do, bring your car in. We will inspect to see if they need repairing, and give you our honest opinion.
  • Tire Tread Wear. As mentioned before, worn down tires cause your vehicle to lose imperative traction making it harder to stop your car. Check your tire tread periodically to see how much is left. If you can see tire wear bars or your tires can't pass the "penny test," you need new Genesis tires.

And, of course, crazy things happen. If you drive over a nail or somehow get a flat, just give us a call. We are always here to help you.

What Services Do You Offer?

Since our service specialists are factory-trained technicians, they know how to do everything and anything related to keeping your Genesis safe. Typical tire maintenance usually involves the following inspections.

  • Tire Alignment: Many things can cause your tires to become unaligned, such as hitting the curb or running over a pothole. With a tire alignment, we are simply adjusting the vehicle's suspension. We adjust the angles of your tires, which affects how they make contact with the road.
  • Tire Pressure: We've all seen it. That dreaded low tire pressure light. Most people try to ignore that flashing light for as long as possible. We highly recommend that you don't. We even advise that you keep a tire pressure gauge in your car for extra safety. Weather can be a big factor in tire pressure. If you think your tire could be low on air, we will gladly fill it to the proper level.
  • Tire Rotation:It is important to periodically change the position of all four tires on your vehicle - usually every 5,000 miles or so. This helps spread the wear evenly across all of the tires, which helps you maximize your tires' tread life - and keeps more money in your wallet. We recommend you do this with your oil change at our service center, but we are happy to do it whenever works best for you!
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Why Shop With Genesis of Atlanta?

For starters, we have the proper tires for your Genesis model. If you risk it and go to a generic tire store, your car will be driving on wheels that are not specifically made for your vehicle. And, if you've leased a car with us, you may have to pay to replace that tire with the proper OEM one. Another reason is that the team in our Genesis Tire Center are all factory-trained technicians. That means they know the Genesis brand in and out.

And, we help you keep more money in your wallet. If you buy your Genesis tires in Atlanta with us, you get 24 months of road-hazard coverage. You'll get 100% coverage the first year, 50% coverage the second year, and flat tire repair of up to $20 per occurrence.

Call, visit, or email us today to learn more about what our Genesis Tire Center can do for you. And, don't forget to ask about coupons and specials on our Genesis tires for sale.

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