If you think that it might be time for battery service in Atlanta, GA, then our world-class facility can get you on your way again with parts that you can trust. Battery issues can be some of the most vexing things you might experience in one of today’s sophisticated automobiles. It’s important to ensure that you get expert care that includes precision battery testing and battery replacement when required. Considering the lifespan of a battery in today’s vehicles, it’s usually a marker for other system services. If you are looking for an oil change center in Atlanta, then you will find that we are more than up to the task, no matter what make or model you drive. Please read below to learn a little more about common battery problems and the list of services that we provide both in and outside of the Genesis family of vehicles.

World-Class Service for All in Atlanta, GA

If you’ve come to us looking for battery service in Atlanta, GA, our state-of-the-art battery center has the tools, technicians, and parts your vehicle needs in order to stay in optimal condition. You might be in need of battery service if you’ve recently experienced:

  • Slow or no-start events
  • Slow to boot or black screen infotainment systems
  • Alarm, door, and telematic issues
  • Peculiar in-car electrical issues
  • Illuminated battery lights on your dash

Atlanta, GA, is a busy city, and we rely on our vehicles. With today’s cars, trucks, and SUVs having more than 20 separate computers or more, it is essential that proper running voltage be maintained. Did you know that if your vehicle is equipped with stop/start idle functions, your alternator and starter unit is one and the same? You need a battery service center with the ability to pinpoint your vehicle’s needs.

You might think that you need battery service, but what if your alarm issue is related to a receiver fault? Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you have a facility that can discover, diagnose, and rectify the problem correctly?

Jim Ellis Genesis in Atlanta, GA, Is at Your Service

If you drive a Genesis vehicle, you may wish to use your Genesis Service Valet if your account is active. Otherwise, you can call, email, or use our convenient online form to schedule service. If you’ve experienced a breakdown after hours, please use your roadside assistance provider to drop off your vehicle at our facility at any time. Genesis of Atlanta is part of the Jim Ellis Family of automotive retailers. This means that no matter what vehicle you drive or where you’re coming from, you are a welcomed guest here. We offer a full suite of automotive repair services that includes: AC service, transmission service, new tires, alignments, collision, glass repair, detail services, and lease return preparation. No matter what you drive or what service you require, it is our privilege to serve you with transparency, integrity, and efficiency. Life in Atlanta, GA, keeps us all pretty busy. Wouldn’t it be nice to know of a service center that moves as fast as you do? Welcome.

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