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Introducing the all-new Genesis GV70 for sale in Atlanta. Thoughtfully crafted at every level, you'll discover luxury and sophistication that doesn't even exist in other premium SUVs. The Genesis GV70 knows who you are and will allow for vehicle starting and over the air payments of various services by fingerprint recognition. Artificial Intelligence learns how you drive and can optimize standard functions like adaptive cruise control and evasive steering assistance. An exquisite interior indulges the senses and creates an environment that you would seldom wish to leave. And why would you? This is your Genesis SUV. Kindly scroll below for all of the specs on the groundbreaking Genesis GV70 for sale, or jump straight to the compelling GV70 lease deals only found at Genesis Atlanta.

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Two Intrepid Models Suited to Modern Life

The sweeping elliptical cues from the Genesis GV70 are intentional. Openness. Cleanliness. Sensuality. Your visceral experience begins even before you enter the Genesis GV70. Correction. Before you enter your favorite model from the premier offering of trims like:

  • The Genesis GV70 2.5T
  • The Genesis GV70 3.5T

While a sports variant will be available with each model designation, all examples offer definitive standard equipment, including keyless entry, smart power tailgate, fingerprint authentication, LED headlights, LED tail lights, wireless charging, ambient lighting, heated & cooled front seating, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot assistance, lane-keep assistance, high beam assistance, autonomous braking, launch control, and so much more. Speak with your Genesis Concierge about your needs and see how every model is built to suit.

Power. Intelligently.

As you might expect, each variant offers a unique engine designed to meet the needs of different driving styles and preferences. The 2.5T is a turbocharged gas engine that gives you 304 horsepower and an abundance of safety and technology features. You'll find the most power with the 3.5T, which produces 380 horsepower. An 8-speed automatic transmission accompanies any engine preference, and while rear-wheel-drive is standard, AWD is available.

Your 1st Class Cabin Awaits

Wouldn't it be nice if a vehicle's air filtration system could eliminate bioaerosols? The Genesis GV70 for sale can. What if entry and exit of a vehicle could be an effortless experience? The Genesis GV70 SUV for sale makes it so. What if your seats could respond to provide maximum comfort on any journey? Ergo motion seating is an option not to be missed. A delectable palette of interior colors awaits the seating surface of your choice. Once you've settled on synthetic leather or quilted Nappa leather, indulge in colors like Ocean Waves Blue/Havana Brown and Obsidian Black/Vanilla Beige, among others. Passengers enjoy walk-in assistance, occupancy sensing, and safe exit assistance. But not to worry. The driver's seat is a fantastic place to be with over 22" of configurable digital displays, you'll create a sanctuary that's all your own.

The Genesis GV70. Atlanta Has a New All-Star

The all-new Genesis GV70 for sale at Genesis Atlanta offers a driving experience that will become a longed-for event. With over 200 unique cabin features and functions, there is much to discover and enjoy. When you contact one of our Genesis vehicle specialists, they'll gladly bring one to your home or office for a test drive. After all, we completely recognize that the Genesis GV70 for sale is a sight to behold, but we also know that it's something best appreciated from the driver's seat.

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