Genesis G80 Release Date

The Electrified Genesis G80 is the electric car as you’ve never seen it before. As the first EV model from Genesis, this four-wheeled, high-powered art piece is powered by the future of fuel. When Genesis decides to level up yet again, we don’t just dip our toe in the water. This SUV will make a splash in any lot it enters without making a peep. So don’t blame us if it ruins traditional cars powered by outdated fuel sources for you or leaves other electric models staring in awe from second place on the podium. That’s what the Electrified Genesis G80 was designed to do.

Luxury Inside & Out

Sweltering. Sleek. Suave. Slick. There is no shortage of superior adjectives that accurately describe the complete and total package of car capability embedded within the Electrified Genesis G80. Every inch of this luxury sedan has panache and purpose. Taking control of every element in your car can be done through voice commands or finger swipes and active noise control ensures a relaxing ride at your preferred level of peaceful, safe semi-silence.

The first time you sit down in the Electrified Genesis G80 model’s meticulously crafted cabin, you’ll know taking flight in this eye-catching cockpit is going to be a first-class experience. An interior based on the design concepts of white space and intrinsic harmony has a daring dark green and white color combination that looks lovely with the recycled materials that clothe the cabin. Naturally-dyed leather makes every seat grab you like a hearty hug and the eco-friendly accents composed of recycled wood from furniture-making were clearly positioned with an artist’s touch. Climate control, vent direction and much more are easily adjustable from the center console, and a brilliant infotainment screen really hammers home a cabin created to contain a champion’s off-track ambitions.

From the outside, the Electrified Genesis G80 resembles an oceanic predator that’s ready to breach the water gracefully at any moment. The new Matira Blue exterior color is inspired by Matira Beach in the South Pacific Ocean, and you’ll get a different perspective on this eye-capturing combination of cobalt blue, turquoise blue and emerald blue depending on where you’re staring from. Rest assured, there’ll be plenty of differing opinions on your new car’s particular water-specific pigmentation from wide-eyed onlookers locked onto the shimmering silhouette of a car they can’t believe.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Electrified Genesis G80

We can’t blame anybody who wants to know more about the tip of the spear of electric luxury. That’s why we’ve compiled a couple of the questions we’re hearing all the time from eager drivers who want to add electric power to their lineup of classy and dependable vehicles. If you’re here looking for information about the other new Genesis model, you can read more on our page about the GV70 release date. Until then, check out everyone’s burning questions about the Electrified Genesis G80.

What is the estimated range of the Electrified G80?

A car that looks this good shouldn’t sit in the driveway. Travel far beyond your local library in an electric car that can carry you up to an estimated range of 427km (approximately 265 miles)1 on a single charge. Arrive at all kinds of destinations in style and charge up quickly when you do. Charge your battery from ten percent up to 80% within a staggering 22 minutes.1 You’ll never leave the house on anything less than your full range ever again, and charging up takes less time than an episode of your favorite show.

How will the Electrified G80 performance compare with gas-powered G80 cars?

While no official figures have been released, Genesis did offer a glimpse into some possible performance statistics when they showed the car for the first time at the most recent Shanghai Auto Show. Genesis claims that the Electrified G80 will depend on AWD and motors at the front and rear axles for an anticipated 364 horsepower  and 516 lb-ft of torque. Genesis project engineers believe this will translate to an electric car capable of slingshotting up to 60 mph just in 4.9 seconds. So yeah, it’s game for whoever in the luxury car competition wants to put their fast pace full of harmful emissions up against some clean speed.

Drive a Genesis G80 Electric in Atlanta, GA

Our Genesis vehicle experts leave no stone unturned when learning about all new Genesis vehicles. Our amazing showroom staff can explain to you all of the G80 vs. G90 differences and is already familiar with the Electrified Genesis G80. Come see us!

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1Company-expected figure. It will be certified prior to the official launch in each region and may vary depending on the certification of each country’s certification institution.

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