2021 Genesis GV80

1.9% APR available
Many in stock and ready for delivery!
All-new 2021 Genesis GV80. Many in stock and ready for delivery! 1.9% APR available through Genesis Finance. Exp. 2/1/21.

You've never seen an SUV quite like this, especially from the likes of the luxurious Genesis brand. While Genesis continues to be a leader in the luxury sedan market, they're now broadening their horizons to include a new competitor in their lineup: their first-ever SUV. No SUV has ever come in such a unique, deluxe package before the GV80. Not only has Genesis pushed the limits of what it can do as a manufacturer, but it has also smashed the expectations for what a luxury SUV should be. The GV80 for sale is here to make its mark, and it's going to be a big one.

Configure Wisely

When you take advantage of our Genesis GV80 lease offers, you'll be getting world-class quality in power, technology, safety, comfort, design, and pretty much any other aspect of an SUV that's important to you. It may be a luxury vehicle, but it isn't afraid to get its wheel dirty. It can off-road with the rest of them thanks to its All Wheel Drive with available electronic limited-slip differential. So, no matter what terrain you're on, it'll be like you're driving on your own personal red carpet. 

There are three magnificent configurations you can choose for your Genesis GV80, depending on how you prefer to drive.

  • GV80 with RWD and an I4 2.5T engine
  • GV80 with AWD and an I4 2.5T engine
  • GV80 with AWD and a 3.5T V6 engine

All That and a Bundle of Power

Can this car really be all that and a bag of chips? Well, we would say yes and throw another idiom at you, but we know cars, not luxury chips. So, we'll stick with what we know: the specs. Like you've already seen, getting one of our GV80 lease deals can give you three power configurations, so let's learn a bit more about each of them.

Each configuration of your Genesis GV80 lease comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission that's paired with shift-by-wire & paddle shifters. Each version also comes with a whopping 300 horsepower @ 5,000 RPM. On the I4 RWD, you'll get an EPA-estimated combined 23 MPG. For the I4 AWD, the EPA estimates a combined 22 MPG. And on your AWD V6, you'll get up to an EPA-estimated 20 MPG combined. On both I4 configurations, you can seat five passengers, but on the V6 configuration, you can choose from a five-seater or a seven-seater.

Luxury, Safety, and Technology Go Hand-in-Hand-in-Hand

Are you surprised that the Genesis GV80 looks like something out of a fantasy film? Given Genesis's history of up-scale vehicle designs, we certainly aren't! Like the rest of the Genesis lineup, one of the most striking features about the GV80 is its diamond-inspired front grille. Its split front headlights also add to its sophisticated aura and give it a slicked-back look.

Speaking of sophistication, you can choose from nine elegantly refined colors for the exterior when you get a Genesis GV80 lease in Atlanta, GA. These include Lima Red, Gold Coast Silver, Adriatic Blue, Uyuni White, and Cardiff Green, among others. You can also choose from Beige, Black, or Dune for the interior.

Luxury goes hand-in-hand with safety. The technological safety systems in the Genesis GV80 have been perfected to better protect you during every drive and every situation. Its Forward Collision Assist comes equipped with a Lane-Change Oncoming feature to keep you ahead of the game on every busy road. It also has the coveted Driver Attention Warning system, which will alert you if it detects that you're not as focused as you should be.

Visit Genesis of Atlanta for Great Genesis GV80 Leases

When you lease a Genesis GV80 with us, you'll get so much more than we have already outlined above. Each of our Genesis GV80 lease specials helps you get everything you could want from a car, and this car just keeps on giving. Visit Genesis of Atlanta to get a great Genesis GV80 lease, top-notch service, and smiles all around thanks to our friendly staff and financial experts who can get you a great deal. Call us to learn more about getting one or setting up a test drive.