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Royalty has returned: The Genesis GV70 release date the USA has been waiting for is finally here. Do you want to be a part of luxury vehicle history? Then come down to our dealership and lock in on the new Genesis crossover SUV. We have insider info on just how soon you can expect to take home your Genesis GV70 for sale, right here in our neighborhood.

Genesis GV70 Release Date & Pre-Order Information

We won't make you wait to get the information you came here for. The new luxury crossover SUV is available right now at our dealership in Atlanta and local drivers are already flocking to our dealership to get one of their own. The new face of athletic elegance is ready for you to grab the wheel and experience a sport-tuned luxury model with a size that will make every drive a thorough thrill. You should expect big things when you sign up for countless great times inside a spacious SUV that will always make room for more.

The Genesis GV80 SUV was a massive success in the market at its release, and we know the Genesis GV70 will be just as impressive, if not more. After months and months of anticipation, we've finally received some Genesis GV70 SUV models in stock at our dealership here in Atlanta. Come by our location today for comprehensive car and car care that leaves no detail behind.

The Genesis GV70 Is for Sale Now

Come down to our location in Atlanta, GA, today and see for yourself how Genesis is changing what it means to be a luxury vehicle for cars of all shapes and sizes. For years, Genesis luxury sedans have provided an ideal experience for those wanting a car that looks amazing and handles even better.

As the company has evolved and continued to push the standard for excellence further with each coming model, Genesis project engineers have turned their focus to the SUV segment in recent years, pinning their ears back as they pursue greatness in a larger car. The most recent success story to emerge from Genesis is the Genesis GV70, a compact SUV that can fit in some of the same parking spots as a sedan model but with the capabilities you know and love from an SUV.

Genesis Korea has a model builder where you can design your own Genesis GV70, giving you a perfect idea of the options that are now available for those in the market for a crossover SUV. Pick between the GV70 2.5T AWD model and the GV70 3.5T AWD model and choose from several exterior colors. We're a firm believer that top-tier style doesn't have to only come in a couple of understated hues that lack attention-grabbing presence and embrace the grayscale.

While there's certainly nothing wrong with a classic white, black, or grey monochromatic color scheme, this game-changing crossover SUV comes with a little more boldness than other similar models might be comfortable with. Choose from striking exterior colors like the Barossa Burgundy metallic, a deep Cardiff Green metallic, a similarly captivating Brunswick Green Matte, the relaxed coolness of the Adriatic Blue, and even an eye-popping red choice.

Don't go with a car that squeezes itself into the conventional limits of luxury cars. Instead, get behind the wheel of a gorgeous Genesis GV70 crossover SUV in the color of your choice and never look back again at the other models eating your dust.

When we receive new models at our Genesis dealership, it's not long before the most passionate car lovers in town pay a visit to our showroom. Solo drivers wanting a car that makes an impression and families alike are interested in something made perfect for long trips with their little loved ones here. It's a testament to the Genesis lineup that new releases receive this kind of focused attention when they finally emerge.

As you go through the numerous cars in our lineup, you won't find anything but vehicles created, produced, and driven through an unquenchable thirst for improvement and excellence. Prepare to capture the versatile brilliance within the Genesis GV70 today and come down to your local dealership to make sure your next car is your best car.

Pricing and Other Genesis GV70 Information

The newest crossover SUV is ready for you to take your pick. Choose from two different setups that both have an eight-speed automatic transmission, the exact same body lengths, heights, and widths. They both have an automatic transmission as well and five seats that are clothed in premium materials that you'll love relaxing into during those long treks.

The Genesis GV70 2.5T AWD has a starting price point of $41,000 MSRP1 and is available in a myriad of colors. This crossover SUV owes its efficiency and strength to a setup powered by a 2.5L turbocharged I4 cylinder engine and has a hearty 300 horsepower within.

It's an excellent vehicle for those families that love to leave the house when the weekend rolls around and go find fun well beyond the backyard. Pile in plenty of suitcases, sets of golf clubs, grocery bags, duffel bags, small furniture, potted plants, and more. This adjustable cabin can be twisted and turned to make the most ideal space for your stuff.

The Genesis GV70 3.5T AWD has a starting price point of $52,000 MSRP and looks like a car that you can take through the red carpet. However, even as we're sure you'll draw slackjawed gazes from onlookers, this car is an ideal candidate for any terrain. Don't be fooled by how great this car looks in any lot you pull up in, rocky roads or wet paths are no match for this car's multi-faceted frame.

Tap into 375 horsepower when you want to accelerate like a race car, thanks to a superb 3.5 twin-turbocharged V-6. This broad-shouldered bruiser has plenty of space for your passengers to stretch out in. You don't have to sacrifice headroom or legroom in this SUV model, it's there alongside all the stylish accents, not in spite of them.

Enjoy a cabin that has cutting-edge technology throughout and with extra sets of eyes all along the perimeter to measure your every move. This is a lot of power and therefore a lot of responsibility when you take the wheel. Carry the weight on your shoulders confidently no matter what the weather conditions are because of a cabin that's as smart as it gets.

FAQs About Genesis GV70 Release Date

Now that the Genesis GV70 release date is here, we can answer some of the questions our team in Atlanta, GA has received over the last couple of months. Here's a couple of common queries our team has received from eager drivers that can't wait to pile the whole crew into a new SUV.

When does the Genesis GV70 come out?

The Genesis GV70 is available now nationwide and in two setups that families love gathering into for good times near and far. Come down to our dealership today and test-drive a crossover that's going to make trips to the grocery store easier with all its cargo space and has plenty of passenger volume for even the rowdiest back-seat brawlers. The complete crossover as you've never driven before is finally here and adventure awaits around every turn.

This modern marvel of a model is sure to grab ahold of your inner speed demon even as you glide effortlessly in a cushy cabin. From bottom to top, bumper to bumper, this luxury SUV crossover is crafted to be a driving force of creativity, efficiency, and excellence.

How does ordering a Genesis GV70 work?

Ordering a Genesis GV70 is available through a couple of methods. Online ordering allows you to submit a request for a quote on a vehicle of your preferred specifications and get started from your own couch.

What's more, you can come down to our dealership today in Atlanta, GA, and make the car of your dreams come to life before your eyes. We can't blame you if you're mesmerized by the line of front grilles flanking each other. It's quite a sight!

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