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Genesis GV70 checks all the boxes buyers expect in an SUV, and Car and Driver would agree. The Genesis GV70 earned a place on Car and Driver’s 2023 10Best Trucks and SUVs list. This marks Genesis’s third time earning a place on Car and Driver 10Best list in five years. Keep reading to find out more about one of Car and Driver’s 10Best Trucks and SUVs winners — the Genesis GV70.
There are many requirements that Car and Driver’s staff look for in a vehicle to make its 10Best Trucks and SUVs list — and the GV70 leads in those segments. The GV70 showcases Genesis’s DNA through bold and distinct design with its signature two-lined Quad Lamps. GV70 is equipped with class-leading horsepower and beautiful execution inside and out.

Genesis GV70 effortlessly balances the athletic precision of a sports sedan. Inside this stunning sedan, the GV70 wastes no time in grabbing one’s eye. The interior is crafted with aerodynamic shapes that are designed for a driver-centric interior. This luxury-crafted vehicle can be designed uniquely to each driver’s liking by allowing the driver to choose from 13 exterior colors and through its customized Adjustable Interior Ambient Lighting.

Its world-class leading 300 horsepower engine launches the GV70 effortlessly. Features such as Standard AWD, dual exhaust, Electronically Controlled Suspension with Road Preview and Launch Control and Electronically Controlled Limited-Slip contribute to the unmatched driving experience the GV70 has to offer.

Not only does the GV70 provide exceptional comfort and a dynamic driving experience, but the award-winning vehicle is also equipped with the latest technology features available. Crafted with intelligent features such as Highway Driving Assist, Navigation System and Fingerprint Authentication system allows the driver to connect with the vehicle spiritually and literally. Dynamic Voice Recognition allows drivers to communicate directly with the GV70 to get directions, change climate control and more. The 14.5-inch HD touchscreen illustrates accurate navigation directions ensuring no passenger is lost on route.

The Genesis GV70 clearly meets Car and Driver’s 10Best Trucks and SUVs list with its powerful engine, sleek design and high value. To take a test drive and find out more about the GV70, visit Genesis of Atlanta at 5785 Peachtree Blvd. in Atlanta or online at

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