Genesis G80

 Lane Keep Assist

 Smart Cruise Control w/  Stop/Start

Blind Spot Detection w/  Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Lane Keep Assist helps  detect lane departure and applies slight corrective steering measures to help keep vehicle from drifting out of lane.

A front-mounted radar sensor detects the distance to the car ahead, automatically maintaining your distance and speed. After stopping, speed and distance control are reengaged after the car ahead starts moving again.

 Blind Spot Detection alerts you when there's an object in the way during a lane change, and provides a secondary alert when you try to activate the turn signal. Rear Cross-traffic Alert helps warn the driver of vehicles approaching from the rear sides.

Automatic Emergency Braking w/ Pedestrian Detection

 High Beam Assist

 Driver Attention Alert

Working in unison with the Smart Cruise Control radar and Lane Departure Warning camera, Automatic Emergency Braking detects slower or stopped vehicles ahead, as well as pedestrians, engaging automatic braking for you.

Yet another forward-thinking feature on the G80, High Beam Assist automatically switches from high to low beam headlights when the front camera detects an oncoming or leading vehicle ahead.

Analyzing driving patterns and vehicle position within the lane, the system detects driver fatigue or distraction, and issues a visual and auditory alert suggesting the driver take a break when necessary.

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