2022 Genesis G80 Sport: Interior, Horsepower & Package

Get behind the wheel of the Genesis G80 Sport today at our dealership and experience what power looks like in its most gorgeous form. The same car that can perform like a predatory beast when you press the gas pedal to the floor also looks incredible when you slow down and bring it into focus. It has cat-like reflexes and is geared for on-the-go greatness every time you open up the garage door.

See how the new Genesis G80 for sale shines brightly in our showroom as you learn more about this show-stopping sedan's impressive features:

  • Rear-wheel steering
  • Exclusive 20-inch wheels only found on the 2022 Genesis G80 Sport
  • A front & rear body works kit
  • A three-spoke steering wheel
  • Aluminum & carbon fiber wrapping all interior details
  • Two new interior colors
  • Two new interior stitch patterns

Our specialists are here to update you on the 2022 Genesis G80 Sport and help you compare Genesis G80 Sport specs, as well as to show off how the racing-inspired, rear-powered setup sets this model apart from the competition.

The 2022 Genesis G80 Sport package offers drivers the ability to make the luxury car of their wildest dreams come to life, all while keeping the power capabilities and vibrating, vein-rattling bursts of speed from their favorite sports car.

2022 Genesis G80 Sport Interior Comforts

The 2022 Genesis G80 Sport interior is loaded with innovative technologies and comforts. This midsize sedan arrives in a wide range of trim models, so you can choose the new luxury vehicle that gives you all the features you enjoy.

The base model Genesis G80 2.5T I4 RWD boasts a Remote Start Parking Assist, the Highway Driving Assist II suite, and a standard 14.5-inch touchscreen with intuitive navigation, which uses a cloud-based platform to keep it up to date at all times.

Genesis G80 3.5T Sport Horsepower and Specs

When you want a new Genesis G80 with AWD and the utmost performance, the Genesis G80 3.5T Sport horsepower reaches an impressive 375, thanks to a 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine under the hood. This powerful engine sends 391 pound-feet of torque through an 8-speed automatic transmission for a smooth ride and quick acceleration.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Genesis G80 Sport

The 2022 Genesis G80 Sport is one of the models that drivers looking for a new sedan will have the most questions about. Our helpful showroom professionals have compiled some of the questions they receive most often about this luxury sedan and put them all in one place for your convenience.

What is the Genesis Sport package?

Aside from the boost in power, the Genesis G80 Sport package brings a bump in the style department as well. Signing up for the Sport package adds sport front and rear bumpers, a distinct rocker molding, an eye-catching chrome front grille, and a window trim addition, not to mention a fine-tuned, sport-styled steering wheel.

The tires in the Genesis G80 Sport package are larger than the tires that come with the standard model, and choosing this package also gives you access to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ compatibility.

What is the difference between the Genesis G80 and the Genesis G80 Sport?

As you might expect, the Genesis G80 3.5T Sport is more powerful and faster than the other vehicles in the 2022 Genesis G80 lineup. There are three available trim models for the 2022 Genesis G80, including the Genesis G80 2.5T RWD, Genesis G80 2.5T AWD, and the top-of-the-line Genesis G80 3.5T Sport AWD.

Is the Genesis G80 AWD?

The Genesis G80 is available in both RWD and AWD configurations, depending on the trim model you select. The more powerful Genesis G80 3.5T Sport is only available in AWD. If you love the improved handling of AWD in the corners and slippery conditions, we suggest the new 2022 Genesis G80 3.5T Sport AWD.

Genesis G80 3.5T Sport AWD Review

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the new 2022 Genesis G80 Sport. For more info, you can also read about how the Genesis G70 compares to Genesis G80 Sport models.

Now that the 2022 Genesis G80 release date has passed, we hope you'll visit our local Genesis dealership to meet the new 2022 Genesis G80 Sport for sale in person. If you'd like to know more about the new Genesis G80 horsepower, starting price, fuel economy, or specs, please don't hesitate to get in touch with the team at Genesis of Atlanta.

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