If you're in need of genuine Genesis brake service, Genesis of Atlanta, GA, is at the ready. Your gorgeous Genesis vehicle has been designed from top to bottom and bow to stern with precision-crafted parts that deliver an unparalleled driving experience. In order to retain the elevated driving experience that you've grown accustomed to, it is essential that you service your Genesis vehicle with the highest quality materials, provided only by the factory. Our world-class Genesis brake center has put together this informative article to show you how to schedule service with us, as well as some common symptoms that might indicate it's time to pay us a visit at our Genesis service department.

System Peculiarities That May Be of Concern

Your Genesis vehicle has been designed to cope with the rigors of everyday driving. This can include work commutes, daily runabouts, and weekends filled with leisure pursuits. With your hands firmly on the leather-wrapped wheel of your Genesis vehicle, any and all of the above should be a rather smooth affair. But what if you detect that something is amiss? Perhaps a dashboard indicator light has illuminated, or you've received an alert on your smartphone from your Connected Care suite of features. Fortunately, we will be able to perform remote diagnostics on your behalf without you even having to step foot inside our facility. Despite this wonderful convenience, you must remain the captain of your own ship and determine the safety of your Genesis vehicle if you experience symptoms like:

  • Steering wheel vibrations under braking, such as exiting the freeway from high speeds
  • Excessive brake dust collecting on wheels and/or metallic shavings
  • Your Genesis pulls to one side while braking
  • You feel a flutter or wavey pulse from your brake pedal
  • You have extended travel while depressing the brake pedal
  • You have uncharacteristically hard brake-pedal feedback

Of course, if you determine that you feel your Genesis unfit to drive, then your 24/7 enhanced roadside assistance is ready to help. If your Genesis Service Valet is active, your concierge will handle the drop off of a courtesy vehicle to you while they monitor and ultimately return your Genesis once it's been properly cared for. Brake repair services mustn't be deferred, and Genesis brake replacement isn't a matter to be taken lightly. While your vehicle's onboard technology will alert you to any compromise in the system, you must always use your best judgment with respect to timely repair.

Discover Genuine Genesis Brake Service at Genesis of Atlanta

As a proud member of the Jim Ellis Family of automotive retailers, Genesis of Atlanta is, in many ways, and rightfully so, one of our flagship stores. As such, you can expect the level of service to be commensurate with the brand of vehicle that you've chosen to suit your ambitious Atlanta lifestyle. To reiterate, you can follow this link to schedule service with us, or if you prefer, you can call, email, or alert your service valet from your smartphone. Whilst at our facility, our Genesis technicians will advise you on anything else that might require attention either now or in the near future. To minimize any inconvenience, it is always wise to limit your service visits and combine them when possible. You've committed to enjoying a brand of vehicle that represents everything you stand for. It is our privilege to ensure that your Genesis vehicle remains the very symbol you've entrusted it to be.