There is nothing worse than driving in a car and not being able to reach the buttons and knobs that you need to. It's annoying and, besides that, it's not very safe. The Genesis G90 has solved this problem. They have specifically designed the cabin in such a way that everything that the driver may need is easily accessible. They even took it one step further and put speakers pointed directly at the driver. These features make driving the Genesis G90 easy, more relaxed, and more comfortable.

Besides the easy to reach display, the Genesis G90 also comes with stunning and extravagant interior materials. Top-grade wood trim encompasses the dash and doors while premium leather seating creates an atmosphere of luxury. Each seat has been created using the knowledge of the Aktion Gesunder Rucke spine and back specialists. The level of comfort in these seats exceeds any that are available in other vehicles.

Come to Jim Ellis Genesis and put these seats to the test. Sink into them, reach every single button, run your hands over the smooth leather and wooden trims, and realize how much you really would love to the take the Genesis G90 home with you.

If this is the case then let our financial experts guide you through the financial process. They are highly experienced and know the ins and outs of both vehicle leasing and loaning. They are committed to finding you the best monthly payment for your budget and will work with you until you find the perfect financial plan. Once that is all situated let us, here at Jim Ellis Genesis, hand you the keys to your new Genesis G90 today!

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