When Is The Genesis GV60 Release Date?

A roomy coupe like you've never seen, felt, fueled up, or driven before is set to shake the stage when the Genesis GV60 release date arrives in the coming year. A car unlike any other in the Genesis lineup is set to debut worldwide. The Genesis GV60 will be the first member of the Genesis lineup of luxury cars to feature the "60" designation and be powered by an all-new, all-electric setup. Clean power with character and a style unlike any other in our showroom is on the way.

Genesis unveiled this model to the public for the very first time on 8/16/2021 in Seoul, Korea. American drivers should expect more detailed information about the Genesis GV60 to make its way over to the States in the following months. For now, here's everything we know about this modern marvel of a model from the minds at Genesis.

FAQs About the Genesis GV60 Release Date

Though this car is just a couple of days old, the release of an all-new model always draws attention from car geeks around the world. Here are some questions the experts are already wondering about in terms of the Genesis GV60 release date and the key features of the new model.

Before the Genesis GV60 release date finally comes to fruition at a dealership near you, you should be familiar with what's behind the name of this new coupe model. The "G" in Genesis GV60 notes the Genesis brand, as it does in other models, but the V moniker is all its own. "V" represents this vehicle's unique versatility, and the "60" slots this car next to similarly numbered Genesis models in the lineup. All of the cars at our lot are an example of "Athletic Elegance," and this multifaceted new release will be no exception.

There is an Electrified Genesis G80 planned to give sedan lovers an alternative fuel choice for their luxury SUV. However, the E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) will debut inside the Genesis GV60 coupe and is expected to have an expansive range with quick charging speeds. 

We'd argue the entire setup of the Genesis GV60 electric is special from top to bottom, but if we had to pick just one feature to highlight, the decision is easy; the Crystal Sphere is a unique feature that serves multiple purposes and shows how this car faces the future at all times. When you push the garage door button and settle down into your new car, the sphere rotates and the Shift By Wire appears, connecting you to everything in your cabin and preparing it all to take the road. When the engine isn't running, the Crystal Sphere transforms into the vehicle's mood lights. Set them up however you like for drives that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

Get Your Hands on a Genesis GV60 Soon

While we don't know exactly when the Genesis GV60 release date will be at your neighborhood dealership, we are sure that this will make a big impression when you're finally able to reach out and touch it. After all, this marries the core Genesis concepts of athletic luxury and premium performance in perfect harmony. This car is designed to enthrall you, whether you're standing beside it, admiring the clamshell top, or sitting inside next to the multidimensional crystal sphere lighting setup, surrounded by booming speakers. Drive the car that makes every trip feel like you're in the first row at your favorite show.

The front fascia is also geared for speed, and you'll wonder just how the perimeter looks so smooth for a car with such roomy dimensions. Stretch out your arms and legs inside and run the show through a talented touchscreen up front. This car encourages you to take command and never look back at how driving used to be. The future is at your fingertips when you drive the Genesis GV60 coupe.

Get the Genesis GV60 in Atlanta, GA

Make sure to get in touch as soon as possible with your local dealership and let them know you want to be one of the first notified when the Genesis GV60 is on its way. If you're near Atlanta, GA, you can learn more here.

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