When Is The 2022 Genesis G80 Release Date?


The 2022 Genesis G80 release date is set to be revealed in the latter half of 2021. Make sure you know all the essentials before the next level of electric sedans makes its mark. We've got everything Genesis has revealed about this upcoming sedan stalwart all in one place.

Genesis is known throughout the automotive industry for excellence at the highest level of luxury cars. Inside and out, through and through, the Genesis sedan class is full of high-class styling details, materials that make you say "Wow," and the signature Genesis touch that brings a beautifully sculpted frame to life.

For the first time, Genesis is bringing its world-renowned focus to the future of travel. The all-electric new G80 Electric will retain the in-cabin comfort found in their previous models but emerge as an all-electric evolution in the Genesis portfolio. The expected Genesis range is over 260 miles, and all-wheel-drive is reportedly going to be standard.

Other all-electric sedan options will follow the Genesis G80 as well, including an eye-popping 2022 G70 release slated for the latter half of 2021 as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2022 Genesis G80 Price, Model, and More

With the 2022 Genesis G80 release date approaching, we're receiving all kinds of questions from local drivers eager to get the top tier of sedan style and an electric battery-powered engine that produces plenty of power without harmful emissions.

How much will the 2022 Genesis G80 cost?

The starting price point of the 2022 Genesis G80 is expected to be around $60,000, though no official pricing information has been released. The gas-powered Genesis sits at a similar pricing profile across three trims. Stay tuned for more information on the total cost of the vehicle, leasing options, and more as the 2022 Genesis G80 release date peeks over the horizon.

Capture a powerful driving experience that gives you the confidence of an elite high-flying stunt pilot with information and automated safety features at the ready when you need them. When you need to kick it into gear, the electric power will prove a point about how strong the future of fuel is. This sleek sedan fires to life with a kick that spicy salsas will be jealous of. Genesis expects their first all-electric sedan model to fly from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds.1

What's new for the 2022 Genesis G80?

The all-new Genesis G80 is bold and beautiful in 2022. Experts anticipate the 2022 Genesis G80 specs to include active noise control that turns your cabin into a reduced-noise environment, sustainable materials throughout, and an adaptive suspension system. You'll notice all of those amazing features the very first time you open the doors and sink into seats that feel like the living room is on the road. If you strike while the iron is hot when the 2022 Genesis G80 release date rolls around, you'll find yourself immersed in a car crafted to be anything you could ever expect, and more.

Oh, and then there's that whole electric car thing. The Genesis G80 is expected to have a massive range and fast-charging capabilities that can turn a quick break into a full battery. You'll glide past the pump and the bank in glee; give them a wave for us next time you fly by. Electric power is the clean solution of the future in terms of cars, and Genesis is proud to produce models that will redefine how luxury moves forward. As the world turns away from more traditional fossil fuels and towards alternative options that help make our Earth better for all, all-electric cars are now at the forefront.

Genesis cars have proven to be ideal choices for drivers that value quality above all else. That lofty standard will remain the same as we break new ground in the realm of all-electric automobiles. Electric power is about to get an industry-shaking jolt when the 2022 Genesis G80 release date rolls around.

Get Ready For the 2022 Genesis G80 Near Atlanta, GA

Luxury, class, efficiency, and quality: It'll all be together soon when the sedan that can do it all emerges on the 2022 Genesis G80 release date. Your local dealership will be ready to roll in the coming weeks before the Genesis G80 is called up to the big leagues, so be sure to stay in touch with our team and be ready to roll when the next Genesis model rises up for the ride of a lifetime.

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1Based on results from Genesis R&D Center testing in sport mode.

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