When Is The 2022 Genesis G70 Release Date?

2022 Genesis G70 Release Date

Summer 2021 is just around the corner, and that means the Genesis G70 release date will be peeking its nose over the horizon soon. We've got everything you need to know about the newest gorgeous Genesis model set to make a memorable mark on how speed and style will move forward. And, we’ll have all your G70 lease deals when it arrives! Dive in!

More Than a Sporty Sedan

A honeycomb grille on the face of the 2022 Genesis G70 not only looks beautiful, but it also lets everyone know this car is fit for a queen bee. The apex luxury sedan with sport performance is arriving soon, and you should be on high alert for a definitive example of elegant athleticism.

Driving dynamics crafted to create the best driving experience possible shine through the harmonious teamwork of a sport-tuned suspension, powertrain, and chassis. Walk the walk of a sports car through an available 365-hp twin-turbo engine that roars to life under a lower and wider front end frame.

Sit down inside this beauty and find a similarly harmonious match of smooth, quilted leather and well-placed accessories that give you intuitive control of your car through the sound of your voice or the swipe of your finger. Enjoy an all-new 10.25-inch HD infotainment display featuring Apple Carplay® and Android Auto™. A clearly defined display behind the wheel delivers your most important information with pinpoint accuracy. Take flight in a first-class experience fit for a driver who likes to go fast but wants to glide effortlessly while doing it — because fast-pace doesn't have to ruffle your feathers. You'll want to get into this sweet and swift sedan as quickly as possible when the Genesis G70 release date finally comes out from behind the curtain into the summer spotlight.

Lastly, part of driving a Genesis model is feeling the support of a complete luxury car experience well after you leave the lot. Every new driver enjoys the Genesis Experience, a complimentary suite of services that will keep your car well-maintained, full of entertainment, and protected at all times wherever you drive. A car like this deserves to be taken wherever you want, and you can do that with confidence fortified by a relationship that doesn't end when a sale or lease is signed off on.

Frequently Asked Questions About the 2022 Genesis G70 Price & Details

Genesis cars inspire a lot of bewildered faces and enthralled eyeballs, but after the initial salivating shock, we get all kinds of questions about the new Genesis models. We're sure the questions will continue to pile up on this sultry sedan that packs sport speed into a design dripping with artistry, so we've compiled a couple popular ones we're already receiving here:

What changes are new for the 2022 Genesis G70?

Genesis gave their G70 entry luxury sedan a complete makeover in 2022, flattening and widening the design to a more muscular manner that resembles the new G80 and G80 SUV. One of car critics’ most stinging complaints about previous models was that they craved a larger infotainment screen in the cabin. Genesis bounced back inside the cabin with a larger and better display that truly stamps home a first-class feel up front.

What is the 2022 G70 Launch Edition?

The Launch Edition is the most premium trim available on the G70, and this year it is available only after a limited release. Matte paint hugs the design tightly so you can see aerodynamic alterations all around the perimeter, and lightweight 19-inch alloy wheels are begging to be brought out and shown off. It looks like the car a superhero would slide around saving the day in.

What will the starting price for the 2022 G70 be?

Pricing information will follow the Genesis G70 release date. Keep up with your local Genesis dealership and reserve your spot for the next evolution in luxury cars online now. Learn more about all the options available in our current G70 trims roundup as well.

2022 Genesis G70 in Atlanta, GA

If you're interested in a car that's geared towards the future of traveling in premium comfort and capable of reaching back for extra velocity whenever you want, you'll want to establish contact pronto with your local Genesis dealership.

Wondering about what the G70 vs. G80 differences are as you zero in on a particular top-tier model and trim of choice? Our helpful showroom staff knows the ins and outs of every single Genesis model and year. They love nothing more than being able to put their expertise to use on your behalf. Let's find a car that can capture adventure for you and your loved ones as you ease down the road to future fun.

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